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How does it all work?

Great question. 

Typically, the process from booking through to registration of your marriage looks a little like this...

- You confirm your booking through payment of your booking fee & signing of your client agreement.

- Some personal particulars are required from the couple in order to complete and lodge the NOIM (notice of intended marriage) form. This includes your passports and any relevant divorce orders and change of name certificates.

- The NOIM form is signed off in the presence of a prescribed authority (I'll let you know who these are).

- You'll be issued your 'wedding homework' - a cute little Q&A that helps me learn your story and find the nuggets of gold to use within your ceremony script. 

- We get working on your vows - individually, or together. I have some tips and framework to guide you.

- Your on-the-day logistics and particulars start to come together - we catch up over the phone (or a drink!) to get planning.

- You will receive your ceremony draft.

- We edit, tweak, tinker, and perfect the script until all parties are happy. 

- The big day arrives!

- Your ceremony takes place, all necessary documents are signed and we have a great time.

- I lodge and process the marriage for registration with Births, Deaths and Marriages Vic.

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